10 management software systems for your rental company

10 management software systems for your rental company
10 management software systems for your rental company Managing equipment and tools presents challenges for business management software systems. (Photo: Adobe stock)

Rental management software is a vital tool for all equipment rental companies today, and fortunately, systems come in every shape and size, so there’s one that’s right for your business. 

While not an exhaustive list, here are just 10 of the systems currently available on the market and a short summary of what they have to offer. 

New features for InTempo Enterprise Rental Software

InTempo introduces several new features to its rental software, allowing for easier drop shipping, faster tiered pricing updates, and automatic equipment status updates when equipment is returned with an open work order.

Occasionally, professionals will purchase items from a supplier and have them shipped directly from the vendor to a customer. With InTempo, users can now add more visibility into the drop shipping process, linking the purchases to an existing sales order or contract.

In addition, there’s a newer, faster way to update tiered pricing for rental fleets. This works for setting up brand new categories and classes of equipment as well as updating existing rates. Specify the desired location, company, and effective date; load the rates and the updates will be visible in the dynamic rates selection screen.

Also new, users can get better visibility into your equipment statuses with less manual work from their team. Open a work order while an asset is out on rent, being returned, or being exchanged, and InTempo’s rental ERP will automatically change the status to Down or Short-Term Failure. (The Major Repair flag on the work order will determine which of these statuses is selected.) Now there’s one less opportunity to miss these critical updates, giving users more accurate visibility into the availability of their fleet.

Point of Rental acquires equipment inspection tool Record360

US-based software specialist Point of Rental Software has acquired Record360, a rental software inspection app that enables users to document the condition of rental assets at the time of exchange.

The app acts as a third-party inspection tool, enabling users to store images and videos of machines for proof of condition in the event of a damage dispute.

To date, Record360, founded in 2013 and based in Seattle, WA in the US, has been involved in more than 23 million inspections in 2,000 locations nationwide and has been used by the likes of Komatsu, Synergy Equipment and L&N Supply Company.

Point of Rental said the acquisition of Record360, which will continue to operate under its own branding, will enable the company to accelerate product development and growth as well as increase its global footprint.

The Record360 offering will also be added to existing inspection software from Point of Rental.

Wayne Harris, CEO, Point of Rental, said, “We see immense potential in the abilities of Record360 to transform the industry and we’re excited to combine our resources to realize that potential.

“We’ll continue to prioritize Record360’s autonomy and increase integration points through the Open API so that any ERP system can fully integrate with Record360.”

Abby Chao, CEO, Record360, said, “Point of Rental aligns with our values of bringing innovative products to market while focusing on responsible long-term growth and customer service.

“Because our products are complementary, Record360 customers will benefit as we discover new features we can build into our product.”

Baseplan offers organization-wide integration

Baseplan’s ERP system promotes maximum profitability and usage in your equipment rental business with organization-wide integration through one ERP system.

Making sure your assets are being used efficiently is crucial to the long-term success of your rental business. Baseplan allows users to access real-time utilization data, analyze equipment ROI, manage depreciation and make informed decisions about selling assets.

Integrated wet hire management, Baseplan can empower your business with the ability to efficiently allocate resources and equipment for rental contracts. Bill based on time, engine hours, or employee-entered dockets, and say goodbye to the hassle of multiple invoices. Baseplan allows users to invoice multiple resources and job types in a single, convenient invoice.

Field technicians gain real-time connectivity between drivers and mechanics with Baseplan. With the use of tablets, techs can effortlessly scan parts, record labor details and capture customer signatures on the spot. Baseplan ensures completed work orders and job details are promptly sent back for review and billing.

With real-time integration with your general ledger, seamlessly linking all transactions without third-party accounting integration, Baseplan can import budgets, monitor performance and track actuals in real-time to keep financial management efficient and up to date. Streamline payment processes with swift credit and debit card transactions.

Orion’s Sirius e adapts to business size and processes

Orion’s Sirius e is not only a rental software, it’s a complete platform that allows deployment of solutions adapted to the business size and processes, according to the company.

Tailored specifically to meet the demands of the construction equipment rental market, Sirius e is designed to cater to a wide range of equipment, from heavy machinery and essential tools to aerial equipment and specialized machinery.

Orion’s construction equipment rental software ensures users have a solid and scalable solution to fit their specific needs. With specific features such as industrial equipment pricing, preventive maintenance, serial number management and repair modules, Sirius-e was designed to meet all the needs of tool and equipment rental with the ability to handle rentals, sales and service all in one integrated rental software.

According to Orion, Sirius e will streamline transaction processes and organize logistics for equipment shipping and pick-up, while keeping users updated on availability, location, sub-rental and maintenance of their fleet. 

Texada Rental Management aims to simplify the rental transaction

Texada aims to simplify the rental process through intelligence that allows users to work smarter, not harder, according to the company.

The full solution to manages: accounting with accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger; rental reservations and contracts; recurring billing with rental return management; pickup and delivery scheduling; equipment maintenance work orders; merchandise and equipment sales tracking; automated document emailing; as well as inventory barcode generation, printing and scanning.

With the latest version of Texada Rental Management, users gain greater visibility of their rental fleet, as well as insight into where and how their team spends its time.

The system is designed to equip the team with tools to efficiently track and service rental inventory, coordinate inventory management across multiple locations, maintain a comprehensive vendor catalog for parts, manage inventory reordering, warehouse receiving, and rentals across multiple locations with a single, unified rental management system.

What’s more, Texada assists the counter operations team in managing customer accounts, rental contracts, delivery scheduling, pickup coordination, equipment exchanges, rental reservations, accurate quotes and more. 

With Texada, users can service their own equipment or add revenue by servicing customers’ assets. The system helps teams put together work order estimates, manage open work orders, then schedule work orders to automatically generate when an asset requires routine maintenance.

MCS Cloud Rental Software means no server maintenance

Designed with scalability in mind, MCS Rental Software is meant for growing and flexible rental companies. Users can be added or removed from the network, without having to alter the underlying IT infrastructure.

With MCS Cloud Rental Software Solutions, users can run their rental business entirely from the cloud, eliminating the stress and worry of managing their own server and hardware infrastructure and wasted hours spent on maintaining data back-ups and disaster recovery procedures.

In addition, it’s not necessary to recruit trained IT support consultants. Your MCS cloud data center can be fully managed by MCS’s technicians who ensure that the cloud rental software always runs smoothly in the background.

This can contribute to more affordable and predictable costs with a pay-as-you-go monthly pricing model.

Users can access their ‘virtual office’ from anywhere, whether using a mobile device or a laptop, accessing all data 24/7.

With MCS equipment rental software in the cloud, users can rest assured there are in-built disaster recovery facilities and regular back-ups ensuring data is always accessible, safe and secure. Even if the user’s business premises were to succumb to a disaster, MCS cloud will keep the rental business running from any other premises.

Alert Rental Software designed for construction equipment rental

Alert Rental Software provides internal rental, inventory control and jobsite asset management for construction equipment rental companies. 

System provides cycle billing and recurring credit card payments for long-term rentals, plus asset GPS tracking, work orders for internal and customers’s repair, as well as multiple triggers for preventive maintenance.

Using any of Alert’s features, it’s easy to go paperless. “Sign&Rent” allows for electronic signatures and photos for blind drops, while emailing through Document Center eliminates the need to print expensive contracts.

Mobile Reports make Alert available for users’ outside sales teams.
Alert’s Purchase Order module enables users to receive assets into the system correctly and without double entry. All the information will be in Alert when the equipment is received, with the touch of a button.
Both the Purchase Order module and the Work Order module interface with SmartEquip, making parts ordering more efficient than ever.
Work Order & Preventive Maintenance allows users to automatically create a work order, either for their own equipment or for customers’ machines, and trigger preventive maintenance with any of several milestones.
Alert offers client support in under two minutes with its Account Manager module that’s ready to tackle the toughest questions, according to the company.
Rentrax Tool Rental Management Software specifically focuses on the challenges associated with small tool inventories

Rentrax is designed to streamline everything involved with a tool rental business by putting all information in one place.

The tool rental industry comes with some unique challenges, with rental times from four hours to weeks or months, keeping track of everything is a big challenge. Add in usage charges like blade circumference or other damage and it’s critical to stay on top of the inventory.

At the same time, it’s important to help customers, ensuring they have an easy tool rental experience so they are more likely to come back, recommend your business to others, and leave a review.

Rentrax started out as a bike rental company and created its own software management system. While the company developed its own bike rental software, winter sports rental software, office furniture rental, and more, Rentrax listened to customers and developed specific features that make it ideal for tool rental businesses.

Rentrax allows users to create an online catalog of their inventory for customers to view. When they have found what they need, they can book it right there online, or by phone if they choose. When they arrive for pickup, it’s a quick process of signing a waiver and confirming the contract, then they are out the door with the tool they need as soon as possible. When the rental is done, the software sends an automatic email requesting a review of the service. 

Armada EQM 365 Rental is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The EQM 365 Rental Management Software is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC), previously known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, providing users with a complete rental business solution. No need to export files or create any type of bridge software in order to export the files to your accounting software.

The object module is the core of the EQM solution. This module keeps a complete overview of all entries on every rental item owned by your company. Each piece of equipment or rental unit is represented as a unique object in your company’s database.

Information about revenues generated and costs incurred by each object can be retrieved using the dialog box that executes a database query. Workers involved in equipment maintenance can enter the type and cost of each service task. The object module is fully integrated with the rental module, and the service module, avoiding both siloed data, duplicated data, manual processes and cross module inconsistencies.

The object module is also integrated with the standard purchase, inventory, service, fixed assets and sales modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. All costs and income generated by these modules will be displayed in forms and reports on the individual object, object types and object groups.

Through EQM, a company that rents lifts, for instance, will be able to measure the profitability of a unique lift, a certain type of lift, or groups of lifts.

The rental module is used by the front office staff that works with customers. This BC application program serves to check availability establish quotes and contracts for the rental of equipment, scaffolding, bulk items and labor. Additional charges pertaining to the establishment and the termination of the rental contract may be attached to the type of object. The availability calendar provides the user with the total overview of and access to the rental inventory: which objects are rented to whom, which objects are available from which locations, etc. The users themselves may set the criteria for reports and statistics.

The Service and Maintenance module is where users will define and keep track of their workshop orders and related purchase orders, functional tests, service schedules and certificates. All these parts are linked together using a service card.

RMI Advantage 365 requires no plug-ins, third-party apps or workarounds

RMI Advantage 365 is an all-inclusive equipment rental, sales, and service system for all accounting, inventory management, and customer service functionalities. RMI embraces the ideology that a rental software system shouldn’t require plug-ins, third-party apps, or workarounds; Advantage 365 was built with deliberate attention to detail to provide cost and time saving features like recurring billing, service & maintenance alerts, and unlimited support and training.

Complete with CCH sales tax, jet business intelligence, and Charge Logics Credit Card Processing embedded into Advantage 365, the system delivers a familiar, easy-to-use software environment to complete your daily operations. Advantage 365 has eliminated the need for multiple versions and layers of software that would grow obsolete to the ever-changing rental software industry.

Advantage 365 comes fully equipped with a team of industry specialists that ensure users make a smooth comfortable transition to new equipment rental software. 

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