Asset Management: Is BlackRock becoming a tech company?

One thing to start: How Sam Bankman-Fried blurred lines between FTX and Alameda. In an interview with the Financial Times, the former billionaire admits that he was more involved in investment and financial decisions at the nominally separate trading firm than he has previously suggested.

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Regions Bank Introduces Tuition-Free Education Benefits to All Associates Through Guild

By Evelyn Mitchell and Jeremy King

BIRMINGHAM, AL / ACCESSWIRE / December 5, 2022 / Regions Bank associates can now earn a degree, tuition-free, through Guild. The education benefits are available to all full-time and part-time associates on their first day of employment, enabling associates to further their education while building their career.

“Already, Regions Bank is an employer of choice; now, given our work with Guild, we’re empowering associates with even more opportunities to define their future while working for a company that actively invests in their success,” said Seanna McGough, head of Learning and Development for Regions Bank.

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RBC Wealth Management’s U.S. Business Increases Efficiency, Delivers on Client Expectations with Salesforce

Using Salesforce, RBC Wealth Management is driving success and reducing maintenance costs

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the global leader in CRM, today announced that RBC Wealth Management, a division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC, is using Salesforce to drive success with significant cost savings and efficiency across multiple areas of its business, while continuing to deliver on client and advisor expectations.

RBC Wealth Management in the U.S. is a values-driven financial institution providing clients with customized strategies to grow, preserve and share their wealth. More than 2,100 financial advisors in 184 locations in

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Which Project Management Software is Best?

Team collaboration can be a real challenge if you’re still using written to-do lists and communicating through email. To-do lists are easy to misplace, which can ruin your productivity for the day, either by having to rewrite them or missing crucial due dates. Not only that, but keeping up with dozens of email threads is a remarkably inefficient way to handle task management, not to mention that it’s a huge hassle.

That’s why cloud-based project management software programs have become so widespread over the past few years. They grant you the ability to communicate with and assign tasks to team

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Announcing the search for the dean of the UIC College of Business Administration

Dear colleagues,

Last week, we opened a national search for the next dean of the UIC College of Business Administration. Michael Mikhail returned to the faculty in August, and Sandy Wayne, professor of management, associate dean for faculty affairs and director of the Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development (iLead), currently is serving as interim dean.

The university seeks an experienced and strategic leader with a deep commitment to access and academic excellence to serve as the next dean of the College of Business Administration, who will help preserve and elevate the college’s rich and diverse culture, its ability to

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How to ‘Excel’ in business: Miss Excel’s journey from business student to social media star

Every video that Kat Norton ’15, MBA ’16, posts on TikTok and Instagram fulfills a promise: You’re going to learn something about Microsoft Excel, and you’re going to have a little fun doing it.

Oh yeah, there’s gonna be some dancing, too.

Norton’s meteoric rise as social-media influencer Miss Excel has made her the go-to instructor for the ubiquitous software among the under-30 crowd. In just two and a half years, she’s embraced a necessary tool used by millions to track finances, manage projects or make important lists and turned it into a multimillion-dollar company fueled by her upbeat attitude,

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Spotting the stages of burnout before they escalate

Everyone has a limit to how much they can produce. Some reach that point earlier than others, but once walking into work becomes a challenge of willpower and persistence, you’re probably on track to experience burnout. When it happens, careers can screech to a halt, souring relationships with bosses and coworkers as seemingly simple tasks become insurmountable obstacles.

For employers, being able to spot and—more importantly—prevent burnout can save great workers from leaves of absence or the pursuit of greener pastures.

The causes of burnout are myriad. Unmanageable workloads, low pay, lack of upward mobility, lack of recognition, poor

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