IAK: Insurance Stocks Close At A Fresh Weekly All-Time High


Financials have lost some luster recently. A drop in intermediate-term interest rates while the short-end of the Treasury curve remains high is not a great recipe for firms that borrow short and lend long. Still, being able to pay out low rates to depositors and invest in paper earning north of 4% is still a winning asset-liability strategy for financial institutions.

One niche of the sector that is generally insulated from those yield curve changes is insurance equities. This group benefits from higher interest rates with less emphasis on the shape of the yield curve. It’s also a somewhat

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The first pocket insurance app in Vietnam determines to protect millions of people

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Nov. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Ideal Life Consultancy Joint Stock Company held a press conference to announce the launch of insurtech product IZIon24 – the very first pocket insurance app in Vietnam.

IZIon24 – The first pocket insurance app in Vietnam determines to protect millions of people

The event had the presence of Mr. Kalidas Ghose – Director of Vietnam Prosperity Banking Company Limited SMBC – identified as FE Credit – a strategic partner of Ideal Life, and Mr. Hugh Terry – an insurance expert with over 25 years of experience. Both

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More people will be eligible for health insurance through Covered California

Hundreds of thousands of Californians previously shut out of Covered California — the state program that offers discounted health insurance — soon can participate because the eligibility requirements are changing.

Prior to the new rules, individuals who had access to an employer-based health insurance plan through a family member were not eligible for Covered California. Employer plans are often expensive for spouses or children, driving up the cost of coverage for those family members. Those caught in this unaffordable “family glitch” have few choices: buy the expensive plan, try to buy a bare-bones plan separately or go without health insurance.

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To ease property insurance woes, Florida governments should buy damaged beachfront property

On an island a few miles south of Charleston, South Carolina, you’ll find the funky little seaside town of Folly Beach. Its resident population of about 2,200 is seasonally augmented by hordes of tourists seeking a place to swim, surf and drink.

Florida has several similar beach communities, but it does not have a Folly Beach. On the other hand, Florida’s lengthy coastline features miles of what could aptly be called “beach folly.” “Beach folly” can be defined as building — or repeatedly rebuilding — structures atop the shifting sands of a beach that’s susceptible to erosion and storm surges

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Insurance fraud costs $308.6bn annually, coalition reports

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud has released a report estimating that annually, insurance fraud costs the US $308.6 billion.

In 1995, the Coalition estimated this number at $80 billion, though at the time, only the property & casualty insurance line was considered.

The present report addresses all lines of insurance and is also adjusted for inflation, unlike the one in 1995.

The report additionally notes that in 1995 the internet was in its infancy and the estimate, therefore, did not account for new forms of cyber insurance fraud that are impacting the US currently.

The Coalition explains that applying an

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Insurance office accepting donations for coat closet

Kayla Stice State Farm in Brownstown is accepting donations and requests for coats.

Anyone is welcome to drop off any size coat at the insurance office at 416 N. Main St.

“We have previously called this project No Kid Cold, but we are changing that to Nobody Cold. We will accept any size,” Stice said. “We currently have several coats kids to adults, but not all sizes, and we go through them pretty quickly. If you have a coat that is in good, used condition that you no longer need, we would love to take it off of your hands.”

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Berkshire Hathaway issues warning on fraudulent website

Berkshire Hathaway has issued a warning that there is a fraudster posing as the company, using the insurer’s name to make a profit – but instead of through fraudulent insurance sales, the website is hawking cryptocurrency “deals.”

The real Berkshire Hathaway issued an official statement on November 18, noting that it was made aware of the phony company that afternoon. Berkshire Hathaway has also pointed out that the impostor is using the web address ‘berkshirehathawaytx.com;’ a URL the actual company does not use.

“The entity who has this web address has no affiliation with Berkshire Hathaway Inc. or

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