‘Don’t wait until tomorrow’: A globe-trotting, bowling-playing 91-year-old on retirement

‘Don’t wait until tomorrow’: A globe-trotting, bowling-playing 91-year-old on retirement
Open this photo in gallery:‘Don’t wait until tomorrow’: A globe-trotting, bowling-playing 91-year-old on retirement

Gordi Moore (left) during a match at the West Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club.Tijana Martin/The Globe and Mail

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In Tales from the Golden Age, retirees talk about their spending, savings and whether life after work is what they expected.

Gordi Moore, 91, West Vancouver

I retired in 1992 at age 60 after a career in the electrical business, which included owning and operating an electrical shop and, later, a lighting store along with my wife, who is four years younger than me. Age and opportunity led to our decision to sell the store and retire. The timing was right for us.

I didn’t struggle with the transition to retirement. Instead, I saw it as a chance to do many things I didn’t have time for while working full-time. For the first seven years of retirement, I taught night school classes that helped others start and run a business. I also served on the strata council for our condo building in West Vancouver for 25 years and at our place in Tofino, where we lived for 12 years until I was 80. In 2000, a friend and I decided to start a small investment club with some help from an advisor. We didn’t make a lot of money, but we learned a lot.

My wife – whom I’ve been married to for 66 years – and I also travel a lot. We’ve been to Maui 27 times and have travelled to many locations around the world, including Ukraine, where my wife has relatives. We also enjoy spending time with our two children, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, who live in different cities across British Columbia and Alberta.

My wife and I are in good health and try to stay active. In 2018, we started lawn bowling, and I still play about three to four times a week, year-round. We also enjoy going on long walks and visiting and hosting friends. I have trouble finding time to do all the things I want to. I guess I’m interested in doing way too much, but that’s what life is all about.

We don’t worry too much about money in retirement. The year before we retired, we kept track of every dollar we spent to know how much money we needed to retire. We also downsized to a condo 40 years ago and made some money on the Tofino home we sold about a decade ago. We also have a small investment portfolio that includes mostly dividend-paying Canadian companies. All of these decisions have helped us live comfortably in retirement. We also live quite frugally, which helps.

My advice to others on retirement – if you can, do it. Don’t wait until tomorrow. There’s so much to do other than work.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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