LOS ANGELES, Nov. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Elite business management and accounting firm Dunn, Pariser & Peyrot announced today that Partners Pat Dunn, Mark Pariser and Tony Peyrot and Senior Manager Eleanor Burke have all been recognized as “Hollywood’s Top Business Managers of 2022″ in this special feature by The Hollywood Reporter. This recognition identifies the business managers that “help industry A-listers navigate the new normal. From making smart choices in the stock market to building a business empire,” the list “highlights the people keeping finances on track for the entertainment elite.”

“This recognition highlights our commitment to clients throughout these unstable financial times,” says Pariser. “We successfully leverage our financial expertise and business acumen to guide clients through this constantly evolving financial climate.”

The feature cites the team highlighting that “the COVID-19 pandemic was a financial wake-up call for clients across Hollywood.” Dunn goes on to mention, “clients have finally realized that the bottom can drop out of their earning capacity overnight.” Peyrot adds “clients are understanding the importance of maintaining a diversified asset allocation and that our approach to managing risk has paid off in this era of rising interest rates and stock market volatility.”

Dunn is the founding partner of Dunn, Pariser & Peyrot and is an expert in the art of business management, taxation and accounting. He devotes much of his attention to the unique business management and financial needs of entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professional service providers and their families, professional athletes and those in the entertainment industry.

Pariser’s practice emphasizes the proactive management of the tax and business affairs of a variety of people who work in film, television, music and technology. His clientele also includes touring acts, international executives and entrepreneurs, and other high net worth individuals and their businesses.

Peyrot has focused his practice on managing the financial affairs of his writers, directors, actors, producers, musicians, composers, executives, and high net worth individuals and their families. He has extensive experience in dealing with touring bands and international tax issues for US taxpayers working abroad and foreigner taxpayers entering and working in the US.

Dunn, Pariser & Peyrot is one of Southern California’s elite business management and accounting firms. For more than 30 years, their goal has been to transform the financial lives of their clients and their businesses. With their depth and breadth of knowledge, they provide the very highest levels of personal and business financial management and planning. The firm’s clients include artists and executives in film, TV and music, as well as athletes, entrepreneurs, innovators, high net-worth individuals and families, and the businesses that they own. To learn more visit https://dppcpa.com/ .

SOURCE Dunn, Pariser & Peyrot