Expats can find a new ‘home’ in Hongqiao CBD

Expats can find a new ‘home’ in Hongqiao CBD

A new service center in the Hongqiao Hub is ready to provide diversified services for enterprises and expats, creating more opportunities for domestic businesses and the orientation of expats.

The Hongqiao Overseas Development Service Center, located in the Hongqiao International CBD, is a one-stop service platform established by the Hongqiao International CBD Administrative Committee and the Donghao Lansheng Group to provide services for Chinese enterprises as well as expats in China.

The center was established at the end of January as part of the third anniversary celebration for the release of the “Hongqiao International Open Hub Construction Program.” Over the past three years, Hongqiao International CBD, core of the hub, has gathered a series of advantageous industries.

It has introduced more than 500 business headquarters so far.

Expats can find a new ‘home’ in Hongqiao CBD

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The center began trial operations at the end of January, providing services for Chinese enterprises and expats.

The 1000-square meter service center has 11 governmental service acceptance windows and a 24-hour self-service acceptance terminal, offering public service space, including a conference room and three small negotiation rooms, providing overseas development consulting services.

The center began trial operations at the end of January and has already received many business representatives and expats.

“Our goal is to provide a complete set of services, so that there’s no need for people to come twice,” said Liu Fei, director of public services at the center.

The one-stop services, covering business registration and human resources, include more than 500 government affairs with on-site services.

The center combines government services with professional resources, with a first batch of 54 official service organizations introduced, including international project investment services, international human resources services, international exhibition and trade services, foreign-related legal services, international financial and investment services, credit services, intellectual property rights, accounting and auditing, and foreign-related advertising services.

Enterprises can handle Madrid trademark registration, APEC business travel cards, ODI consulting and other foreign-related high-frequency service matters at the one-stop station.

“Before going overseas, Chinese enterprises need professional service organizations to provide a series of comprehensive services, including policy analysis, market analysis, investment services, talent management and so on,” said Luo Xiangjun, deputy director and general manager of the overseas development department of Shanghai Foreign Service Group.

Expats can find a new 'home' in Hongqiao CBD

Shen Mengdan / SHINE

The center provides consulting services related to going overseas.

The center serves not only as the Hongqiao International Central Business District Enterprise Service Center, but also as the Hongqiao International Talents Integrated Service Center.

In addition to providing enterprises with consulting and services related to going overseas, it also provides multi-service content for expat talent.

It also has the Service Center for Expats, nicknamed a “home for expats,” a multi-service center provided by Donghao Lansheng Shanghai Overseas Service Center for employed expats, entrepreneurs and their families.

A wide range of services are provided, including the recruitment of foreign workers, business consulting, and health-care consulting.

Specific services are as follows:

1. Corporate expat staff services

  • Recruitment services of foreign workers (recruitment, hiring, dispatching)
  • Payroll and tax services for expat employees (personal tax, foreign exchange purchase)
  • Expat employee health protection services (insurance, severe illness, medical services)
  • Expat health management services (medical checkups, dentistry, accompanying to medical appointments)
  • Expat employee care services (employee care, family care, convalescence)
  • Expat settlement services (hotel, travel, immigration, notarization)

2. Expat personal and family services

  • Provide information on international medical institutions
  • Provide information on schools for children
  • Provide information on Hongqiao talent apartments
  • Cultural exchange services for expats (Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other Chinese festivals)
  • Credit card services for expats (Bank of China information card issuance services)
  • Immigration and related documents services (visa, residence permit, driver’s license, notarization of documents)
  • Lifestyle APP introduction and training service (such as Alipay, WeChat, and Taobao)
  • Chinese language education and training services
  • Airport VIP access consultation
  • Consultation on comprehensive services in Shanghai

3. Expat business startup services

  • Market research and consulting services (market research, investment consulting)
  • Company business services (company registration and filing, bank account opening, license application, office space rental services (shared office, office rental))
  • Company image design and decoration
  • Company financial services (tax registration, bookkeeping services)
  • Company legal consulting services
  • Human resource consulting services
  • Employee Recruitment and Management Services (Recruitment, Training, Compensation, Benefits, Dispatch, Outsourcing)

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