Free Workflow Management Software for Your Business | by IT Solutions Solved | Jun, 2024

Free Workflow Management Software for Your Business | by IT Solutions Solved | Jun, 2024
Free Workflow Management Software for Your Business | by IT Solutions Solved | Jun, 2024

Still haven’t integrated Workflow Management Software into your business processes? You might be missing out due to a lack of awareness, investment, or skills. According to McKinsey research, half of all work can be automated and over 30% of businesses have automated at least one function.

A workflow is a sequence of tasks that processes data from initiation to completion. It typically involves three stages: planning, execution and review. Workflows are crucial in fields like software development and project management. Without them, tasks can become disorganised or get lost. Workflow management software helps streamline business processes, connecting your team to the right data at the right time. This organisation makes tasks easier to understand and execute.

Workflows are essential at the team level, providing clarity and increasing efficiency. Effective workflows can be created for various purposes, such as onboarding new employees, managing marketing campaigns, or tracking bugs and content calendars. Workflow management software helps ensure tasks are not lost or disorganised, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Zoho Creator, from Zoho Corporation, is a low-code application development platform. It allows users to develop and run business software with powerful automation tools. Its drag-and-drop elements make it easy to create workflows, such as automating emails and updating CRM. If you want to understand more about Zoho, click here to learn more!

– Ease of Use: Simple drag-and-drop UI for building workflows.

– Customisability: Tailor workflows to specific business needs.

– Enhanced Collaboration: Teams can visually design and optimise workflows.

– Mobility: Accessible on both Android and iOS.

– Integration: Connects with various applications like APIs, CRMs, databases and payment gateways.

– Cost-Effectiveness: Efficiently automates business processes, used by millions worldwide.

– Dependency on Internet: Requires a stable internet connection.

– Limited Customisation: This may be insufficient for highly specialised workflows.

– Learning Curve: Initial learning phase for new users. is a cloud-based workflow management software that allows project management, team collaboration and business process automation. It offers a free plan for up to 2 users.

– Visually Appealing: Intuitive, simple and minimalist UI.

– Templates Library: Over 200 customisable templates.

– Multiple Views: Includes Gantt charts, timelines and Kanban boards.

– Low-Code Automation: Easy to set up automation without coding.

– Detailed Analytics: Time tracking and reporting features.

– Real-Time Communication: Notifications and task-level discussions.

– Integration: Extensive library of integrations, including Google, Dropbox and Slack.

– Limited Free Plan: Only for 2 users, with restricted features.

– Expensive Plans: Higher cost compared to competitors.

Asana is a popular work management platform designed to help teams track projects and tasks, share documents and communicate effectively.

– Attractive Interface: Interactive and user-friendly UI.

– Centralised Work Management: Manage all tasks and projects in one place.

– Customisable Workflows: Create templates, automation and views to fit business needs.

– Improved Collaboration: Shared spaces and progress tracking enhance team collaboration.

– Wider Visibility: Timelines and dashboards for better team visibility.

– Automation: Streamline repetitive tasks with rules and integrations.

– Limited Free Plan: Suitable for smaller teams, with limited features.

– Learning Curve: Requires time to learn, though resources are available.

– Complicated Methods: Complex tracking across multiple projects.

– Scrum Support: Basic Scrum workflows, requiring third-party integrations for advanced features.

Bitrix24 offers comprehensive free workflow management software with features like project and task management, CRM and website builder.

– Free Plan: Unlimited users.

– Comprehensive Features: All-in-one CRM with project management, HR management and more.

– Deep Customisation: Extensive options for CRM fields, workflows and processes.

– Learning Curve: Initially complex to understand.

– Limited Features: Advanced features are available only in paid plans.

Trello is a visual workflow management software known for its ease of use and scalability. It organises projects into boards, making collaboration simple and intuitive.

– Free Plan: Suitable for small teams and projects.

– Intuitive UI: User-friendly design.

– Real-Time Updates: Instant reflection of updates for seamless collaboration.

– Visual Organisation: Easy organisation of projects and tasks.

– Integration: Connects with popular tools like Google, Jira and Slack.

– Automation: Automate tasks with features like Butler.

– Security: Enterprise-level security with admin controls, single sign-on and two-factor authentication.

– Limited Customisation: This may not be sufficient for complex projects.

– Limited Scalability: Better suited for small to medium-sized teams.

Airtable is a cloud-based platform for organising and managing data, suitable for project management, CRM, inventory management, event planning and more.

– Free Plan: Free-forever plan with limitations.

– Flexibility and Customisation: Create databases and interfaces tailored to business needs.

– Extensive Integrations: Over 1,000 integrations and an API for connectivity.

– Engaging Views: Offers views like Kanban boards and Gantt charts.

– Collaboration Features: Tagging, commenting, collaborators and time-sequenced notes.

– Learning Curve: Initial difficulty due to extensive features and customisation.

– Complexity: Customisation options can be overwhelming.

– Limited Free Plan Features: Restrictions on users and records.

Choosing the right workflow management software depends on your business’s nature, requirements and market. Small businesses might find Trello and Airtable sufficient, while medium-sized companies might benefit from Asana and Bitrix24. Larger organisations may prefer Zoho Creator and Free trials and demos can help determine the best fit for your needs.

Investing in workflow management software or consulting with experts can save your business from costly mistakes. Each platform has unique strengths, whether it’s Zoho’s integration capabilities,’s intuitive design, or Trello’s simplicity.

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