Google Delays Launch of Gemini AI to Early 2024: Report

Google Delays Launch of Gemini AI to Early 2024: Report
  • The launch of Google’s anticipated AI model, Gemini, has been delayed, The Information reported.
  • Gemini’s debut was pushed to early 2024 over issues handling non-English prompts, per the outlet.
  • The unreleased AI has been rumored to have unrivaled text and image generation capabilities.

The world will have to wait a little longer before we can experience the launch of Google’s most complex artificial intelligence model to date.

Gemini has been described as the next generation of AI and multimodal, meaning it can process multiple types of data and is said to have the capacity to understand and generate text and images as well other types of content — like websites — based on a sketch or written description.

The Information, citing two anonymous sources with knowledge of the decision, reported that previously unannounced launch events — originally scheduled to take place next week in New York, Washington, and California — have been quietly rescheduled for early 2024 over concerns the AI wasn’t reliably up to snuff when responding to some non-English prompts and inquiries.

Representatives for Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

While it has yet to be released for public use, Gemini has been said to strongly outperform OpenAI’s GPT-4 as it harnesses vastly more computing power than its competitor.

“I’ve seen some pretty amazing things,” Business Insider previously reported Sissie Hsiao, Google’s VP and manager of Bard and Google Assistant, has said about Gemini: “Like, I’m trying to bake a cake, draw me 3 pictures of the steps to how to ice a three-layer cake, and Gemini will actually create those images.”

Hsiao added: “These are completely novel pictures. These are not pictures from the internet. It’s able to speak in imagery with humans now, not just text.”

Though already Google has its own generative AI model called Bard, ChatGPT has so far enjoyed stronger consumer awareness — but analysts argue that could change when Gemini finally launches.