HKBN Partners with Nokia for Asia’s Premiere 25G PON Broadband Service Launch

HKBN Partners with Nokia for Asia’s Premiere 25G PON Broadband Service Launch

Nokia announced that Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited (HKBN), a leading telecom and technology solutions provider in Hong Kong, PRC, will deploy its 25G PON fiber solution to provide customers with some of the fastest, most reliable broadband access speeds in the region. 

The 25G PON deployment will deliver 20Gb/s symmetrical broadband speeds essential for new applications and business services powering today’s digital economy.

Fiber is a futureproof, energy-efficient technology being used to connect everything to multi-gigabit services. With the growth of the digital economy, operators like HKBN are increasingly wanting to offer new services that can deliver the ultimate user experience and evolve with their customers’ broadband needs.

HKBN Partners with Nokia for Asia’s Premiere 25G PON Broadband Service Launch
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Based on the Quillion chipset, Nokia’s 25G PON fiber broadband solution allows HKBN to reuse its existing fiber broadband equipment to immediately address demand for more capacity and enhanced broadband services.

Owner, Executive Vice-chairman and Group CEO

Since 2004, HKBN has been the market leader in introducing Hong Kong’s first fiber-to-the-home broadband service. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we have joined forces with Nokia to achieve a groundbreaking upgrade, proudly providing customers with a revolutionary 25Gbps broadband speed that meets their ever-increasing demands for network connectivity. Looking ahead, we will continue to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, investing resources to expand network coverage and upgrade infrastructure. This will enable more households and businesses to benefit from our exceptional and high-quality services.

Geert Heyninck, Vice President of Broadband Networks at Nokia,

Nokia’s technology enables HKBN to upgrade its existing fiber network quickly and efficiently, leveraging both passive and active assets. With Nokia’s technology and HKBN ‘s citywide network, we’re leading customers into a new era of seamless connectivity.

Roland Montagne, Director and Principal Analyst for FTTH at IDATE,

The momentum behind 25G PON continues to build with the number of deployments growing substantially over the past year. Clearly the ability to quickly upgrade GPON and XGS-PON to deliver true 25Gbs without having to deploy additional network elements is attractive for large operators like HKBN that want to deliver 25G PON services to its customers.