Local business booming thanks to huge events in Prince George

Local business booming thanks to huge events in Prince George

Hotels and other hospitality businesses like restaurants and taxis have really enjoyed the boost. Eoin Foley, owner of Nancy O’s, Betulla Burning, and Birch and Boar, estimates he’s seen at least a 20% increase in business since the events started.

“On a slower Tuesday night where we might be more than half full, it might make us completely full that night. On weekdays it’s just about covering costs and keeping people employed and still here, but if we make those slower days profitable nights it makes a huge difference,” Foley said.

The estimated gains from all these events is expected to be in the millions of dollars for Prince George, and a boost that big helps out a lot more than just the owners and managers, it impacts everyone involved and greatly benefits the community.

“We’ve had over 35 people employed in our hotel full time and part time. And the fuller we are, the busier everybody else is. Everybody stays working, more [guests] in the hotel means that all areas are busy, lots more wear and tear. We’ve got lots of cleaning to do and we are a 24/7 operation so you definitely need to keep people employed all day, all night in a hotel like this,” Burke said.

“The staff are happier to be busy, they want to be busier. They make more money when we are busier, so it’s definitely a welcome sight and we’re happy to see all these visitors,” Foley said.

With the FCM lasting until the end of the week and the Para Nordic games going for two more weeks, local businesses are looking forward to this continued surge in revenue

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