Only farmers know real risk

Only farmers know real risk

If it’s a new and even more volatile world for farmers (which it is) and if success on the farm has got to include a new approach to risk management (which it does), just how does a farmer figure out how to get on board?

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Only farmers know real riskOnly farmers know real risk

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For answers, Ontario pork, chicken and cash crop farmer Amy Cronin headed to the airport. Her plan: talk to cutting-edge farmers in 11 countries on four continents as part of a research project through Nuffield Canada. (Nuffield is a unique farmer-led nonprofit that backs international travel and networking missions into emerging challenges and opportunities for farmers.)

From her travels, Cronin wanted to know: how are these farmers identifying their risks? And how are they determining which risk mitigation strategies work best?

Now she’s back in Canada, and Country Guide checked in with Cronin and asked her these questions.

Read what Cronin had to say about three types of risks, and more, in the January 30, 2024 issue of Country Guide.