Paratus, Starlink Revolutionize Telecoms Landscape in Mozambique

Paratus, Starlink Revolutionize Telecoms Landscape in Mozambique

Following the announcement last year that the Paratus Group was appointed as an authorized reseller of Starlink business services in numerous African countries, Paratus Mozambique has received an unprecedented response from customers wanting reliable connectivity, no matter where they are located. Paratus Mozambique has embraced the addition of Starlink to its suite of solutions and the integration of Starlink has been highly successful, particularly for businesses in need of dependable internet connectivity in remote areas.

Paratus Mozambique Country Manager, Rui Costa explains that the news about the Starlink service is very good for businesses that need internet connectivity in remote regions, particularly those that require reliable high bandwidth connectivity in areas that are hard to reach. “The response to our Starlink offering has been very positive and it has become evident to us that, in addition to providing local support, network integration is a key advantage of subscribing to the Paratus Mozambique Starlink service. We are providing integrated services to the financial sector, including the big banks, and to industries and small businesses that need connectivity in remote and rural areas.”

The Paratus differentiator with its Starlink service offering is that it provides continuous technical support with a ready supply of equipment in Maputo. This ensures that businesses receive not just connectivity but a fully integrated network solution. The provision of Starlink services by Paratus in Mozambique also creates a fully holistic approach to connectivity, delivering an end-to-end network solution that is both comprehensive and efficient.

Paratus, Starlink Revolutionize Telecoms Landscape in Mozambique
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Starlink is proving to be a game-changer for customers where other internet solutions are either unattainable or cost prohibitive. It offers an affordable and user-friendly option that delivers high-speed internet connectivity to any location. In some cases, Starlink has been used as a backup service alongside Paratus Mozambique’s direct internet solutions. Costa adds: “We are grateful to the Mozambiquan government for approving the use of Starlink because it is very much needed in the country – and this all aligns with our goal of making reliable connectivity accessible to every person in Mozambique.”

As a leading digital services provider in Africa, Paratus Mozambique has the expertise to deliver the Starlink service to its business customer base. Equipped with skilled and trained engineers, backed by the necessary support structures, Paratus provides a seamless Starlink experience.

Various industries, including financial institutions and banks, logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, mining, and education, have realised the benefit of using the Starlink business service. Many larger businesses have now also integrated Starlink as a backup solution and are now enjoying improved resilience.