The Supreme Court’s business agenda: 7 cases that companies are watching

After a blockbuster term that reverberated through American society, the Supreme Court’s new session could have far-reaching effects on US business as it confronts a bench that has not shied away from rewriting decades-long legal precedents.

Over the coming months the court will hear cases on issues from affirmative action to the reach of state regulation and the question of where companies can be sued.

Last term’s decisions on polarising issues including abortion and school prayer were split down ideological lines, revealing a clear delineation on cultural, social and religious themes. But when it comes to corporate cases, the justices’

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Nigeria: Third Party Motor Insurance – Insurers Lose N530 Billion Revenue As Accident Cases By Uninsured Vehicles Soar

Continued negligence of the compulsory third party motor insurance policy among road users in Lagos and other parts of the country despite efforts to curb this by insurers through the Nigeria Insurance Industry Data Base (NIID), is starting to have a multiplier effect on Nigerians and huge revenue loss to insurers, THISDAY investigation has revealed.

While both insurance operators and law enforcement agents continuing their fight against fake motor insurance certificate sellers and its associated problem of road accident without compensation to the third party, the greatest problem currently confronting the duo are increasing number of uninsured motor cycles popularly

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