CEOs ignoring climate change amounts to ‘malpractice,’ environmentalist Fred Krupp says

Environmental Defense Fund President Fred Krupp issued a warning to CEOs: Ignore climate change at your own peril.

“I would say, in any sector, if a CEO isn’t thinking about this, it’s malpractice,” Krupp recently told Yahoo Finance’s editor-in-chief Andy Serwer (video above).

He explained that good corporate leaders have always looked ahead to major transformations in the economy, and that is certainly the case with climate change as the world looks to decouple growth from carbon-intensive energy sources.

“This transition to clean energy is going to make the whole explosion of the internet look like a kid’s lemonade stand,”

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Social Change In The Blockchain Space

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Social Change In The Blockchain Space

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Allegheny Store Fixtures to change hands | Business

After 27 years at Allegheny Store Fixtures, founders Steve and Darcy DiFazio are retiring and transitioning the business to new owners, Petra Stana and Garrett Raney.

The DiFazios have built up ASF as a pillar of the Bradford community and those relationships, friendships, and portfolio of work will be their legacy.

The company began operations in Bradford’s business incubator in 1994. Throughout its history, ASF had been recognized both nationally and locally as a leader in the woodworking and fixture industries. The DiFazios attribute the company’s success to its resilience in meeting challenges and the dedication of its employees. Steve

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Peru’s finance minister tells investors: ‘This is a government of change’

Peru updates

Pedro Francke has been called many things in recent weeks: a moderate in a radical leftwing government, a Marxist who will wreck Peru’s standout free-market economy and a turncoat for accepting the finance minister job in President Pedro Castillo’s administration after initially refusing.

Francke prefers the terms “modern leftist” or “moderate leftist”.

“I’m a leftist who believes that reducing inequality is absolutely fundamental and perfectly compatible with reasonable macroeconomic management,” he told the Financial Times. “The two things can go hand in hand.”

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