How your credit score affects the cost to finance a car

Tim Boyle | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Although prices for new cars are moderating a bit, financing a vehicle purchase hasn’t been getting any cheaper.

With the Federal Reserve’s latest interest rate hike — the sixth this year — auto loans are poised to become even more expensive. The Fed’s move has a ripple effect, generally causing rates to tick up on a variety of consumer loans and credit lines (and some savings accounts).

The average price of a new car is about $45,600, according to a recent estimate from J.D. Power and LMC Automotive. That’s down from a July

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What Does it Cost to Run Big Business?

Which Countries Award the Highest Olympic Medal Bonus?

For many of the world’s top athletes, simply representing their country at the Olympic Games is considered an honor.

The International Olympics Committee (IOC) partly reinforces this, as it doesn’t pay its participating sportspeople anything.

But for those athletes going for the gold, silver, and bronze, the sweet sense of achievement that comes with winning a medal is sometimes accompanied by a big check—though these prizes don’t come from the IOC either.

The Winners Take It All

For placing at the podium and bringing home a medal, some countries promise their athletes

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Insurance companies are now asking COVID-19 patients to share in the cost of their treatment

The financial cost of remaining unvaccinated ⁠against COVID-19 is rising. Health insurance providers are now asking people who contract the disease to share the cost of treatment, which can get expensive if it requires a lengthy hospital stay.

Early in the pandemic, most private insurers waived cost-sharing for patients under their plans or even covered the full cost of treatment. In November 2020, nearly 90% of insured individuals would have had their out-of-pocket costs — including copays, coinsurance or payments toward a deductible — waived if they had been hospitalized for COVID-19, according to an analysis by the Kaiser Family

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