Can health insurance companies charge the unvaccinated higher premiums? What about life insurers? 5 questions answered.

The current COVID-19 wave in the U.S. is mostly affecting unvaccinated Americans, who represent more than 95% of current cases of hospitalization and death.

Given that the average cost of a COVID-19 hospitalization in 2020 ran about $42,200 a patient, will the unvaccinated be asked to bear more of the cost of treatment, in terms of insurance, as well?

We asked economists Kosali Simon and Sharon Tennyson to explain the rules governing how health and life insurers can discriminate among customers based on vaccination status and other health-related reasons.

This is a really interesting question and depends

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Making the Unvaccinated Pay Higher Insurance Premiums Is a Terrible Idea

But this logic is vile when it’s enshrined as the basis for a
health care system, framing patients with complex health needs as money pits not only for insurers, but also to the healthy patients who resent
“subsidizing” their sicker peers. The obvious problem here is that health, overwhelmingly,
is socially produced: Life expectancy and relative morbidity differ starkly
between rich and poor, Black and white, college-educated and those with no
advanced degree
even by census tract and ZIP code.

The uncomfortable truth undercutting the bellyaching from the “Why
should we all pay for someone else’s reckless choices?!” brigade

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