Taliban Can’t Get Their Hands on Afghan Central Bank’s $10B in Reserves

  • The Taliban cannot get their hands on the Afghan central bank’s nearly $10 billion in reserves.
  • About $7 billion of the bank’s reserves is reportedly held by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
  • The US froze most of the central bank’s assets after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

The Taliban may have seized control of Afghanistan — but for now, the group can’t access the nearly $10 billion in reserves in the country’s central bank, most of which is reportedly held by the

Federal Reserve
Bank in New York.

Last week, Taliban members attempted

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Analysts worry about transparency in reserves’ management | The Guardian Nigeria News

Financial analysts at EFG Hermes Holdings have said the reason behind Nigeria’s falling reserves is still not straightforward considering limited transparency of reserves and balance of payments numbers.

Indeed, the analysts highlighted four main factors that dictate the disappointing movement of reserves. In its latest report, titled ‘More pressure on NGN; adjustment edging closer’, EFG Hermes Holdings noted that Nigeria has been exporting less oil in the past year given its commitment to OPEC+ production cuts.

The report stated that crude oil export volumes are down by 20 per cent on average in the year to June, reducing the upside

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