Faith Goldy faces campaign finance charges over 2018 run

Faith Goldy, the far-right figure who finished a distant third in Toronto’s 2018 mayoral election, faces seven charges over her campaign finances that could result in fines of up to $25,000 each.

Goldy, whose controversial past includes promoting white supremacy, is scheduled to appear in court April 12 on the charges laid by the city under the provincial Municipal Elections Act, a city spokesperson confirmed.

Charges against Goldy include, failing to report all campaign expenses; failing to report all campaign contributions; accepting donations from people not entitled to make them; donating, with her husband, more than allowed to her own

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Carvana could run out of cash within months: analyst

The only thing Carvana may be delivering in the months ahead is more pain to investors.

The online used car seller — a former pandemic darling that has now become one of the most hated stocks on Wall Street as it fights for its survival — is on the cusp of running out of cash, Jefferies analyst John Colantuoni warned in a note.

“For perspective, our model has Carvana running out of cash in 1Q23 without an additional infusion,” Colantuoni stated. “The deterioration in liquidity was precipitated by worsening unit economics and higher interest payments, following the $3.275 billion debt

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What Does it Cost to Run Big Business?

Which Countries Award the Highest Olympic Medal Bonus?

For many of the world’s top athletes, simply representing their country at the Olympic Games is considered an honor.

The International Olympics Committee (IOC) partly reinforces this, as it doesn’t pay its participating sportspeople anything.

But for those athletes going for the gold, silver, and bronze, the sweet sense of achievement that comes with winning a medal is sometimes accompanied by a big check—though these prizes don’t come from the IOC either.

The Winners Take It All

For placing at the podium and bringing home a medal, some countries promise their athletes

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Top Useful Management Tips For Hotel Owners To Run Their Business Smoothly

Regardless of the size of their business, hoteliers are on the constant search for new ways to find new and retain old customers, at the same time boosting performance and revenues. While balancing between the cost-effectiveness of their activities and guest satisfaction is far from being an easy task, there are tried and true management tips to facilitate the smooth run of every hotel business. Here are some truly useful pieces of advice shared by successful hotel owners and their management teams.

Use The Latest Software To Boost Direct Bookings 

Nowadays, marketing is a half of success, if not more

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