This $30 bundle will help you start your own business

Get four CPD-accredited leadership courses on sale now with The Ultimate Business Management Bundle.

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As the Great Resignation inspires all kinds of change, you can take it upon yourself to better your own professional life. Whether you want to climb the ladder in your existing company or go off and start your own, you’ll need to improve your business skills. With The Ultimate Business Management Bundle, you’ll get the training you need to build a strong foundation.

This quick, two-hour training bundle includes four courses to help you effectively launch and manage a business or develop business skills

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Where to start to ensure success

Having the SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) credential on your resume can open doors to greater responsibilities and better pay. The certification demonstrates a high level of achievement and ongoing commitment to the industry. And because it is awarded by the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) — a long-standing, well-known organization — employers recognize and respect the title.

With a certification exam pass rate of 58%, however, obtaining HRCI SPHR certification is an endeavor, not a cakewalk. HR professionals seeking one must prepare.

Prior to embarking on SPHR exam prep

HR certification involves a time commitment. It also costs

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8 tips for new managers to start on the right foot

Advancing into a management role is an exciting but nerve-wracking experience. Managers have a huge responsibility when it comes to motivating and supporting their teams to reach their full potential. Many people get their first managerial job in a small business or start-up with a limited (or nonexistent) new manager training program. That can make it difficult to build the new skills necessary to become a great leader.

Fortunately, there is also a lot you can practice on your own to develop your leadership skills. Where there are countless things to learn as you ascend into management, these 8 tips

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Why Employees Are Quitting To Start A Business

Recently, I had a conversation with a prospective client that made it clear why so many employees are leaving their corporate jobs to start a business. After working for the same company for ten years, her position was eliminated at the start of COVID. Subsequently, she was re-hired into a lower-level role that she describes as, well, less than challenging. Not only is the company culture toxic, but her boss expects her to work 60 hours a week consistently. As the primary breadwinner in the household with

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