what you should expect to pay per age

what you should expect to pay per age

Region and gender also plays a part in the total cost of top-ups. Policies are forecast to rise significantly this year

The French social security covers most healthcare costs with the rest left for a top-up insurance or for the patient to fund

The price of top-up insurance is rising in France but it already varies significantly according to your region, your gender and your age. We look at how much you should expect to pay.

The lion’s share of healthcare costs are paid by the French social security system, the Assurance Maladie, leaving the remainder to be paid either out of the patient’s pocket or by a private top-up insurance.

For many people in paid employment, their employer makes the top-up contribution to a collective complementaire santé, which is indicated on their pay slip. This type of top-up is often at a rate that is advantageous when compared to private cover.

Self-employed people have to choose their own complementaire santé, however their expenses for top-up cover are tax deductible according to the loi Madelin.

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Some communes are able to offer residents with a local top-up provider at an advantageous price, while similar group deals (achats groupés) are occasionally available through consumer organisations such as UFC-Que Choisir and 60million de Consommateurs.

However, the cost of top-up insurance is rising overall. In 2024, it is increasing by an average 7.3% for individuals and an average of 9.9% for collectives, according to the federation of insurance companies la Mutualité française.

This rise is intended to keep up with the rising cost of healthcare, which even at its most basic level – GP visits – increased from €25 to €26.50 in November 2023. 

Further rises are expected in 2024, with ongoing negotiations between doctors’ unions and the Assurance maladie projecting a €30 GP consultation fee, much of which is likely to be borne by top-up insurance.

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How much should top-up insurance cost?

In absolute terms, the average annual cost is €979, according to data from consumer protection group UFC-Que Choisir.

However, in reality the price varies according to age, gender, region and medical requirements. Men typically pay less than women for their top-up insurance up to age 45, from which age they pay more.

Similarly, under 25s are likely to pay only a third of what over 65s pay.

what you should expect to pay per age

The average prices also vary by region, according to data from price comparison website LeLynx.fr.

What other options are there?

People with modest revenues (below €1,076.75 for an individual) and those who claim certain types of benefits may be eligible for the state’s low-cost (or free) alternative to a top-up insurance, called the complémentaire santé solidaire (CSS).

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Unlike most top-up costs, the CSS price does not vary between regions, with the exception of Alsace-Moselle, where it is significantly lower.

Individuals who earn less than €9,571 can qualify for the CSS without any monthly cost..

To check your eligibility, visit the government’s CSS website here.